At last the kids pets can sleep in their bed

Pets are not only man's best friend but definitely a child's best friend.
They are their companion, best friend, someone they can go to when they need a cuddle, & someone to love unconditionally.

Pets are also a great way to introduce some responsibility into their lives.
Feeding them, giving them fresh water, keeping them warm, learning to be gentle & kind. 

We have a dog at home, or as I would like to call him our fur child.
Say hello to Charlie Bear, my cavoodle & absolutely my third child. I love him to bits.

He is an inside dog, & has his own spot to relax on, however, I will admit to snuggling up with him on the couch. 
There is one thing I will draw the line with....No dogs in my bed, not under my doona no no no. I say this without judgment if you do, no probs, I just would rather not.

I made a cushion for one of Charlotte's friends a few months ago for her birthday, with photos of her two dogs on it.
Why do you ask? I am not joking, this is one child who has everything.
I knew she loved her two dogs, so I asked her mum would she like a cushion with Stella & Storm on it. The look in her eyes was excitement & a big YES followed.

The response of this cushion was completely overwhelming.
The happiness from her was above & beyond what I ever expected. 
Why.....Because now she can sleep with her dogs.
I love the simplicity of her reason, the pure joy, innocence, happiness & excitement.

Pet cushions whether it's a dog, cat, rabbit or goldfish are a great idea for kids who have a really special bond with their pets.
They are perfect for the kids to sleep with, & ideal when you go on holidays. The kids won't miss them quite as much.

They are also a beautiful memory for kids who are struggling with the loss of their pet. Even though they are in pet heaven now, they are a beautiful memory for them to have, & to keep close while they go through that hard time.

They are really easy to create, just send me a photo that is clear & bright.
All of the important details on how to buy & create your pet cushion are outlined here.

What a great idea for Christmas also, whether it's for the kids, or if you know anybody who is obsessed with their pet. The perfect & so personal gift for that hard to buy for friend or family member.

I am so happy to say that the interest & orders of the pet cushions have been so overwhelming. What makes me happiest is knowing how many well treated & loved pets are out there.

But nothing makes me happier than knowing the kids can now sleep with their furry (or not) best friend. No fur. No smell. No accidents.

If you have any questions or requests, regarding your pet cushion design always feel free to hit reply & ask away. 

Read all about how to order & design your pet cushion here.

From one pet lover to another, thanks so much for reading.


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