As she grows, I grow....

My kids have been my inspiration my whole career, well the career I have maintained while working for myself. I was always influenced by what they liked & didn't, as it was a great indicator of what was good to draw & what wasn't.

But I feel at the moment the winds are shifting a little.

Hudson is 9 & being a "big boy" now he doesn't really fit into my boy's age category.
Nor does he want to sadly, unless of course, I would print everything with Dan TDM, Minecraft & Star Wars he would be super keen. 

Charlotte on the other hand, is generally much easier to accommodate as she grows.
She still likes pretty & cute things, but there is a fine line, it can't be babyish!!! 
Now this information is coming from my 7 year old haha.
Her tastes are changing also, she is in to bedroom decor DIY's, dancing, hair, nails, make up & everything else that is sparkly & girly.

girl illustrations

With her constantly showing me everything in her eyes that is AMAZING, my views on what to create for this age group are changing. All those amazing things to her have really started to influence me & what I think girls of that age love.
I have been thinking about it A LOT, & I could be wrong. Today I decided to get some new work started, some drawings of inspirational things that are her world.

Cool girls that have the look, & items that represent beauty.

make up illustrations

I adore drawing figures & bodies with clothes on them. It takes me back to design school when I learnt fashion illustration. Now these are nothing like that but have an influence & feel from that with the correct age entwined.

Now she can't wear make up of course, unless she is at dance comps, but loves to watch tutorials & is mesmerised by the colours.

I am not sure where these will go as yet or how they will progress, but it's time to experiment & see what happens.

Let me know what you think & if you think I am on the right path?

Thanks for reading.

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