Alpaca and dessert flowers kids bedroom decor collection

alpaca and dessert flowers kids bedroom decor collection

Alpacas, they are a bit of a crazy looking animal, aren't they?
Quirky. Fluffy almost. Unusual. Interesting & super cute.
A bit of a cross between a camel slash goat/slash sheep.  

Such a quirky animal has given me some inspiration & I thought I would team them up with some cacti & dessert flowers. Why? I am not really sure, but I do know they can survive well in hot harsh climates so I thought they could look great together.

You can find all designs in store now.
Alpaca personalised cushion // Boys Alpaca Cushion // Boys Alpaca Trio Print Set // Dessert Flower Personalised Print // Alpaca dessert flower personalised cushion

alpaca dessert sketches

Let's backtrack a bit to the original sketches.
alpaca dessert sketches


Here they are with colour so much prettier don't you agree?

I have loved creating the cacti & dessert flowers it's been something new & drawing my alpacas was such a joy.

5 tips to styling kids cushions can always find me here on Instagram too.

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