Accepting this is nearly the end of the tooth fairy

Last night the tooth fairy came to Charlotte I believe for one of the last times.
I still remember when her first tooth came out & how proud she was. She was even prouder when her front teeth came out, it was like she had won the lotto.

As much as loosing teeth are a big deal to her, it's just a reminder my baby girl is growing up.
Yep big teeth = big girl.
I am not sure if all parents have this feeling?
I am excited about her growing up, but I know my baby is not a baby anymore.
She's becoming a big girl with dreams, specific interests & quite happy to voice her opinion.

Her she was only 12 months ago, gappy & happy.

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Last night she prepared her tooth in her shrine.
A corner of her room completely dedicated to the tooth fairy, a door, some grass, fairy dust, trinket box & other fairies to chat with. It's always organised with such care.
Check it out, I must say if I was a tooth fairy I certainly wouldn't mind visiting here. 

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Here we are again, 12 months on.
Twelve months more grown up, with so many more teeth gone, her front big ones pretty much grown through.
I still remember looking at both my kids as babies thinking how could big teeth possibly fit in their mouths. But I guess it happens, it happens quickly, all in proportion & they are beautiful.

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It's a fun & exciting time for her.
Losing teeth is so different to when I was a kid. I got a few loose coins & that was it. Clearly the tooth fair back then was not as generous as she is today.
The whole expectation of losing teeth with my kids is at a completely new level.
I mean you only need to look at Charlotte's tooth fairy shrine, & not to mention the loot you can receive!! It is a known fact that $20.00 was left to a particular child from my kid's school, on several occasions. Whoa!!

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Losing a tooth is a pretty special time, & I am all about the memories.
Creating magical little events for my kids so they can remember this when they are my age. Life is too short not to make it more beautiful.

Kylie x

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