A reflection of 2016...

It's that time of year when we reflect on the year it's been. For some of us, it's been great, for some not so great. It's nice to just sit & think about, remember to reflect & learn.

2016 wasn't my best year, especially the first 6 months. Dad has passed on December 13th, 2015 from a brain tumour. I still can't believe he isn't here & I miss him terribly. Life has had to adjust in many ways for me as I was extremely close to him. Moments when I was annoyed or frustrated, he was who I would call first, even before my hubby sometimes. That has been massive for me. Big adjustments. Big struggles.

I felt I let my business go a bit as I just wasn't in the right head space. This led to me feeling angry as I had built something I was proud of, & I let it slide due to grief. I know I had to cut myself some slack, but still, it was hard. 

I could go on & one about the first 6 months or so, as to how I felt everything was going wrong. It really did suck for me. But I also know there are lessons within circumstances.

Around August something came over me & I knew it was time to dust myself off & get back to living life. I knew that if I didn't, no one else would do it for me.

I started getting back into the gym. Exercise is so good for me, & I thrive on the energy it gives me. When I move I feel like a different person. Every my husband thinks I am less cranky haha.

I took a look at my business & started drawing again. Planning. Thinking. It's what I do & I had really lost the passion.

I started taking a marketing course which has been life changing from a business aspect. The course is great, but the group I am in is unbelievable. Catharine Langman is her name & I recommend her teachings to anyone.

Instagram is so much fun & I have made a conscious effort of being more intentional with my photos. I love photos & I love to look at others.
I am excited to announce that I have some really awesome brand reps & oh my goodness they can make my work look so good. Geniuses!!
My kids are 6 & 8 now, so all of the gorgeous nursery & toddler furniture I used to own & would love to photograph my products on has gone. So I have connected with them & I tell you there are some seriously talented women out there.
Check this out!!
Image courtesy of @mrsreneeelizabeth & @addicted.to.pastel

With constant work & getting the never give up approach, I had a great Christmas season. My sales were down from last year, but I don't care I felt great like I am back on track.

The second half of the year has been brilliant from a proud mummy perspective.
I hope you don't mind me having a teeny tiny brag....

I was able to watch Hudson receive his black belt in taekwondo. It was a moment I will never forget. It has taken him 4 years to earn it, week in & week out, with up to 3 days a week of training. SO PROUD.

During the middle of the year, Charlotte went for her primary ballet exams. She did so well scoring 100% with high distinction. A proud moment for both of us.
Later in January 2017, we are all heading off to QLD to watch Charlotte dance at Jupiters in a national dance competition called Showcase
We all can't wait as it will be great to hit the theme parks together & enjoy spending time as a family.

However your 2016 has been, I wanted to wish you a brilliant 2017 with some butt kicking goals for 2017.

I am totally ready to have a brilliant year next year.
Sending loads of health & happiness your way.

Kylie x


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