7 Reasons For Kids To Own Their Own Tote Bag

Kids should have a tote bag also. here are 7 good reasons why they should own one, & that will save you from carrying all of their things.

Tote bags are the absolute best bag ever if you ask me. They truly are the ultimate for carrying those bits & pieces of the kids, that you don't want in your own handbag.
Kids owning their own cotton tote or two is pretty essential these days. Not only will they feel grown up owning their own bag, but I can guarantee they always have their own things they need to take from one place to another.

1. There is the obvious reason why a kid's personalised tote is perfect. Use it as a library bag of course. Yep to carry those books home, also totes with a nice long & sturdy strap, are so much better to handle than a bag made with a drawstring only.

kids personalised library tote bags

2. A kids tote bag is perfect for long car trips. I remember as a kid sitting in the car for hours. Draining!!! When taking a car trip ask your child to fill their bags with toys, books or activities of their choice. How about a few books, pencils, soft toys, matchbox cars, even a puzzle. One, it makes them feel in control of their boredom, & most importantly it will hopefully keep them quite so your drive is taken in peace & quiet.

3. Use a tote as a sleepover bag. When the kids are off to their grandparents for the night, hopefully so you can have a night out haha, a tote is a perfect size for their PJ's, slippers, toothbrush & favourite soft toy.

kids personalised library tote bags

4. With Ipads & Ipods as the norm for most kids now, a tote is ideal to carry them around, along with their headphones. It keeps them secure, concealed, & the risk of them being dropped is reduced dramatically. Although Ipods or Ipads are not huge, when you have to carry them around in your own bag, they can get heavy. 

5. Kids tote bags are perfect to use as a lunch bag. If you're going on a day trip or school excursion, it's a great way to pack the kids lunches individually. Owning a personalised tote bag also leaves no room for error as which bag belongs to who. They are also good for the kids to carry themselves, especially if you're venturing around somewhere like the zoo, carry multiple lunches & drink bottles becomes incredibly heavy.

kids personalised library tote bags

6. If you have a dancer, a tote is perfect for carrying dance shoes. If your child is anything like my daughter she has her ballet, jazz, tap & lyrical half shoes she had to carry around. I know having a designated bag, she knows all of her shoes belong in there.

7. Can I tell you totes are awesome for storing caps? My son loves wearing caps, & owns more than he has days of the week to wear them. I despise them all over his bedroom so I pop them inside his tote then hang it from a hook inside his wardrobe.

kids personalised library tote bags

Don't forget kids totes are so easy to look after also, made in cotton makes them machine washable. just ensure it's water. Personalised their tote bag makes it feel super special for them, & of course, their is no chance of it being confused with anyone else. Best of all the simple gesture of giving a child a tote bag, really gives them a sense of ownership, making them feel special & a little grown up with a bag all of their own.

Kylie :)

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