5 tips to styling your kids cushions

5 tips to styling kids cushions

Who doesn't love lots of cushions on their bed? I absolutely do & so do my kids.
Not only do they look great but they are super comfy for when you want to relax & get cozy. Check out Charlotte here on her bed with a group of new designs I recently created that are all available in my shop.

I am often asked is it hard to add cushions to the bed, so it looks put together & stylish. I can tell you know it's super easy. It takes a little colour, texture, some shapes & a little bit of encouragement & you're there.

I recently put together a pdf with 5 tips to styling the kid's cushions.
It's fun easy & you can grab your copy right here.

Oh if you wanted to know which cushions Charlotte was snuggling, here they are; moon dancer, deer girls, hello girls, & sleepy moon.

5 tips to styling kids cushions

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