5 stress free steps to planning your babies nursery.

Yikes, the thought of planning your babies nursery can be really .... ummmm  gulp .... scary.

With so many incredible magazine worthy images all over the social platforms, especially Instagram & Pinterest, it's enough to make us feel overwhelmed which in turn can lead to complete defeat.

It can make us feel a little intimidated, & worried what if it looks crappy, & nothing like the vision you had in your head.

Now I am a HUGE believer that style should come from within, just because it's trendy or the celebs are all over a particular style, that doesn't mean we have to love it too.

We are all beautiful & unique & I believe should follow out hearts & our own personal style.

5 stress free steps to planning the babies nursery - Happy Joy Decor
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Finding your own style is not as hard as it may feel, but I will touch on that in a future post because I want to keep it simple & look at some basics. 

So take a big breath & just enjoy it.

OK, let's take a good look at the room.
Get comfortable in the space, how is it feeling for you?
is there enough light? Ventilation?  Do you like it? What don't you like about it?
Take note of how you're feeling, you'll be spending a lot of time in there, so there is no doubt bub will feel how you feel.

Just focus on & think about how you want it to feel, & let's get started.

Step 1 - Let's look at the space on the simplest level.

Windows. How many you have? How do they open, are they sliding winders or open inwards or outwards.

Lighting. Will you need shades? Or are they in the ceiling like down lights? Or are you only using lamps or other types of lighting?

Heating & cooling vents. Are they on the floor, walls or ceilings? Will their position effect the room layout?

Doors. how big are they? Do they swing inwards or outwards?

Closets. Are they built-in? Or will you need free-standing?

Power points. Do you have any? Do you need more?

5 stress free steps to planning the babies nursery - Happy Joy Decor
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Step 2 - Measure up

Let's think about what furniture you would love to have in the room.
Take the time to measure out the room, doing this will help so you can plan the furniture & zoned areas within the rooms you'd like.  

Items you may possibly like in there.
Change table.
Nursing chair.
Free standing wardrobe.
Side table.

Step 3  - get in the zone

What I mean here are there areas within the room you'd like for a specific purpose?
Here are 4 that come to mind.

1. Sleeping.
Now we all want that happening, don't we?
So the position of the cot/crib or bassinet is sooooo important.
Make sure it's not in too much light, as you don't want sun peeping through the curtains waking them. 

2. Changing.
Have lots of space around this area, it will make changing time so much easier. There is nothing worse than feeling cramped, trying to hold bub with one hand & overreaching to grab something. As they get bigger the more they wriggle too! It's ideal to have nappies, wipes, creams & other necessities you may need close by at all times.

3. Feeding.
If you're feeding at any hour of the day you want to be comfortable. 
Whatever chair you choose, a little side table next to it is ideal, especially if you need water, are hungry, or even have such a great feed you can read a book. Whatever makes you comfy & happy.

5 stress free steps to planning the babies nursery - Happy Joy Decor
Photo @living_the_blessed_life_

Step 4 - Safety

OMG we don't want anything happening so here are some safety tips that I considered for my own kid's rooms.

Powerpoints & electrical cords.
Of course, make sure points are safe, but my biggest worry were electric cords from night lamps, & extension cords.
Make sure they are not visible as much as possible, especially when bub is on the move. Trust me they will find them & it will go straight to their mouth. YUK!!
Also, you don't want to trip on cords when carrying bub, or anyone else may be carrying them. Try to stack heavy furniture on them to hold them down, or here are some cord hiding solutions from Bunnings.

Heating & cooling vents.
Make sure they aren't sleeping directly under, or on top of a heating/cooling vent so they're not too cold or way too hot.

Especially with blinds as they are a strangulation risk.

Floor Rugs
As beautiful as some floor rugs are they can be a tripping hazard. Try to make sure corners are flat. I know you can buy double-sided tape, here is a link to some from Bunnings.

Step 5 - Let's start dreaming. Get creative.
This is the best part of pre-planning a nursery.

Time to think about;
Flooring - are you going to lay carpet? Lay boards & have rugs? Whatever your choice just make sure they are is comfortable especially if you have to lay bub on the floor.

Walls - Will you paint the walls? If so will need to do a little preparation like cleaning them, ready for fresh paint, even patching a hole or two.
Or you may be up for wallpaper? Again preparation is the key here too.

Lighting - This includes beautiful natural light, how much do you have?
Are you using ceiling pendants? Dimmers? Even side lamps & night lights need to be considered, especially when feeding in the middle of the night.

Furniture - Fun stuff!!! Selecting a cot/crib or bassinette.
A change table. A dresser, keep in mind that change tables can be added to the dresser. A cost consideration for you, as they are only really tiny for a short amount of time.

Colour - Are you staying neutral? Going bold & bright? Or do you have a more muted earthy tone about you? Do you have a colour theme in mind?

Colour is the best part if you ask me, but I also know it can be daunting for others too. Please wait for my making colour easy post I will be writing soon.

5 stress free steps to planning the babies nursery - Happy Joy Decor
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I know these steps are super simple, even obvious for some, but they are really important when planning bubs nursery for the first time. Sometimes easy & simple steps can be overlooked by the excitement of colour & furniture.

Have fun & enjoy.

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