5 reasons why owning a birth cushion is EVERYTHING!!

There is nothing quite like the birth of your baby, it's the biggest moment of your life. It's also pretty scary as suddenly it dawns on you that OMG I am now responsible for this tiny human. This tiny human that turns your world upside down, suddenly your simple life has changed. Life was easy when it was just you had to look after, care for, feed & make sure your wellbeing was great!!
Yes but life has so much more meaning now, someone so much more important than anything or anyone else. It's pretty incredible!!

When you're in the baby bubble though of feeding, sleepless nights, bathing and so on, life moves pretty fast. Before you know it weeks fly by & your tiny newborn is growing way to fast.

Baby bunny personalised birth cushion - Happy Joy Decor

Keepsakes are everything to me, any opportunity to beautifully capture a memory I want in. I love to look back and reminisce, it fills my heart.
This became my why, why I started creating birth cushions, I wanted to capture all of those precious newborn details were there for us in print, forever. 

I wanted to share my 5 reasons why every new baby deserves a birth cushion.

1/ It's the BIGGEST news ever!!!
Now we already know that the birth of a new baby is the biggest event and change in your life. It's also just life-changing & exciting for grandparents, other family members and of course our besties. A new baby brings so much happiness and love into our lives. 

2/ Capturing birth details on something beautiful
Your new baby is everything and I know I wanted to capture both of my kids birth details on something beautiful? Those first memories are so important to record, their date of birth, how much they weigh, their length, weight where they were born. I wanted to showcase it, not only write them down in a book then close it and put it away. A personalised birth cushion isn't just something pretty, it's a piece of nursery decor that has been uniquely created by a life-changing memory.

3/ A timeless keepsake
Birth cushions are a timeless keepsake. They will last forever, & as your child grows they may not want it on their bed anymore. You can remove the insert from the cover, fold it and store it in their memory box. 

Flying high boys personalised birth cushion - happy Joy Decor

4/ It's a beautiful constant reminder
A personalised birth cushion, of course, is a great addition to the nursery, but it can also be that piece that can stop you in your tracks. In those everyday moments of putting bub to sleep, or putting their clothes away, you look at it just like that you stop. Memories flood back & your heart is full recalling those newborn moments. It's easy to forget how tiny they used to be, especially when they seem so much bigger at six months, then twelve, and beyond. It's comforting to know you have this keepsake with everything perfectly recorded.

5/ It's the ultimate gift
Now if you've been reading this and your baby isn't tiny anymore, I am sure you've been thinking back to those moments. I know too that you totally understand the importance of these memories. A personalised cushion really is the perfect newborn gift for someone else. A new family member or closest friend. They too will have a nursery decor piece that will bring them joy & memories forever.

Blush bunny girls personalised cushion - Happy Joy Decor

We have so many birth cushion designs, I am positive you will find one that will suit you perfectly. Take a look here to view our whole collection. 

If capturing memories of your newborn is just as important to you as it is too me, we have other beautiful ways to capture even more memories. Our printable milestone cards and baby's first-year journals are other perfect ways to documents those moments.

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x Kylie

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