5 reason why you need a birth cushion


I absolutely love creating birth cushions & want to share are 5 reasons why, a birth cushion is perfect to record babies details, & to give as a gift.

1/ The birth of a new baby is the BIGGEST event of your life.
As well as a life changing moment for grandparents.
A new baby brings so much love & joy. Their first memories are so important to record, their date of birth, how much they weigh, their length & weight.

2/ Your new baby is everything & I know I wanted to capture my kids birth details on something beautiful? I wanted to showcase it, not only write them down in a book that is closed & put away. A personalised birth cushion isn't just something pretty, it's a nursery decor piece that has been created by a life changing memory.


3/ Birth cushions are a timeless keepsake. They will last forever, & as your child grows they may not want it on their bed anymore. You can remove the insert from the cover, fold it & store it in their memory box.

4/ A personalised birth cushion is a great addition to the nursery, & can stop you in your tracks. Think of moments of putting bub to sleep, or putting clothes away & just like that you stop, & look at it. Memories flood back & your heart is full from recalling those tiny moments. It's easy to forget how tiny they used to be. It's nice to know this nursery decor piece has your most precious details captured forever.

5/ A personalised cushion really is the perfect newborn gift for someone else's baby. A new family member or closest friend. They too will have a nursery decor piece that will bring them joy & memories forever.

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