5 places to find inspiration

OK, so you've decided to get your creative pants & tackle task A, B, or C.
You may be needing the inspiration to decorate the kid's bedroom, your bedroom, make something, paint something, clean something or organise something, 
You're fired up & ready to go by suddenly you are paralysed.
Oh crap, the inspiration has gone.

I have been here so many times I couldn't count, but I do know that sometimes being a little organised can do the trick. Why I need inspiration I usually have my 5 favourite things to do to get me sparking again.

So Mr Inspiration where do I find you?

5 places to find creative inspiration


Ooooh Pinterest I don't know what I would do without you.
If I am in the mood for a lazy browse & explore, I come here. I can relax & search for the inspiration I need, & can I just add it's always done best on the couch at night with a glass of wine haha.

I have a whole collection of boards that consist of kids bedroom décor, illustration, hand lettering, colours, food, organisation, DIY crafts, mood boards, & more!
Whatever I have an interest in I search & pin. It really is a fantastic resource, a library of inspiration at your fingertips & at anytime you need it.
Do you have a pinterest account?
It’s a beautiful way to catalogue your creative thoughts publicly of secretly.
You can find all of my boards at my pinterest account here.

2) Window shopping.
This is the old fashion buyer in me.
When I was at work & I felt uninspired & just blah I would hit the stores. Looking in the windows of shops from major shopping centre, street shops & quirky lanes, was always a great way to freshen my mind. I could see what was on trend & I always got something out of it.

When I was a fashion designer I went to look at clothes, pattern trims & garment details.
Today my work is all about decor which really encapsulates my whole world.
It was more about the themes & displays that inspired me, not always the product.
I loved how colours were used, a simple splash of confetti, how light bulbs were hung,  artwork displayed, or the casually layed journals & stationary on a desk. I loved to see how stock shelves were arranged, how blankets & rugs were effortlessly draped over the edge of a couch. I adored looking at kitchen benches with stunning class bowls, vases, & fruit ornaments bowels.
Peter Alexander, Bed Bath n Table & Kikki K are always brilliant for this.  
Next time you are out, take a good looked.

3) Books.
Gorgeous coffee table style books are incredible. So are fashion & biography books. If you're looking at, what I like to call a grown up picture books haha, take note of background people may be sitting in. For example, if you're look at a book about Audrey Hepburn, look past her & where is she sitting, or standing.
How does that inspiration fall in to you ideas?
I love to read inspiring books, especially creatively driven ones because it's my thing.
I buy lots of inspirational art & business books all the time.
Books I read to inspire my & my work, I love these 2 especially – Steal like an artist & Show your work. When I am feeling stuck & feel I just need that push, I re read certain chapters all the time.
4) Instagram.
There is nothing lovelier than scrolling through Instagram.
Get inspiration from those you admire, friends, family, your favourite shops, artists, designers, interior stylists, & mums that are on a similar journey as you. 
Look & be inspired, connect with them, inspire them with beautiful comments & just take all the beautiful imagery in.
Come over to my insta account I'd love you to follow along & say hi.

5) Get away from the screens.
I find getting outside for a walk with my dog, reading a magazine, playing a board game with the kids, watching a movie, even some housework can refresh my mind.
Taking your focus away can be brilliant for thoughts & unexpected ideas to just pop inside.
OK, so that’s me your turn!!!
Where do you find inspiration? 
Kylie x

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