5 perfect reasons why you should buy personalised gifts

Creating personalised handmade decor gifts for kids is my jam. It's what I truly love to do, & nothing makes me happier than when I see a happy face on mum, baby & the kids. Their ooohs & ahhs make my hearts swell. As personalised gifts are my business, I thought it would be only fair to tell you why I believe, buying personalised gifts, or giving them are a perfect idea.

Number #1 - Buying a gift is hard work.
But first, let's be honest, buying a brilliant present is hard work. You have a gift to buy for a new baby, child's birthday, even a Christening gift, & that thought of...OMG, what am I going to buy? I know, I have been there, it's a heavy burden wanting to buy something beautiful, but what? You hit the shopping centres only to realise you're pretty sure that gift will have been bought by someone else, it's generic, you're unhappy & you know in your heart it's just not right. You don't want to give a gift voucher, yuk, so impersonal. This is when a personalised gift is your perfect option.

5 reasons to buy personalised gifts

featured - arrow triangle personalised print

Number #2 - No worries about buying the same gift.
Choosing a personalised gift will absolutely reduce your chances of you buying the same gifts as someone else. You won't have to worry about that 'OH NO', feeling when you see two of the same presents bought. No need to worry about gift receipts, or finding that receipt if you've lost it. 

Number #3 - Bye bye mass market...hello unique gift
Dropping into K-Mart, Target, Cotton on Kids, or BIG W has its advantages, but we all know it's MASS market product. Don't get me wrong they all serve a purpose, & I have purchased gifts there many of times, my own kids included. But when you're wanting something beautiful & unique, buying a handmade personalised gift is a guaranteed answer. There is generally never another the same. Just knowing you can add a name, a date, a perfect message or changing a colour, really is a service & chance to create & purchase something truly special.

5 reasons to buy personalised gifts

featured - boys lightning bolt personalised cushion

Number #4 - Put a name on it
Personalising kid's decor is the bee's knees to kids. I know, I have seen it many times over & over. When my kids are invited to birthday parties, & it's a new friend I will always make a personalised cushion. I can also guarantee there are very few times I have not seen their little face light up when THEIR name is written on it. It's an expression of happiness & a feeling of pride. In others words, back off this is mine, it has my name on it. If I don't get to see them open it, 9 times out of 10 parents text or message me thanking me so much & how their child adores it & it sits on their bed with pride. If you ask me that's a damn good reason to buy a personalised gift.

5 reasons to buy personalised gifts

featured - girls personalised panda cushion

Number #5 - Make it emotional, with a memorable keepsake
There is nothing sweeter than the birth of a new baby. I get excited as my kiddies are far from babies now, so I really enjoy having a little cuddle of a new baby when I get the chance. Babies are the most memorable time in mum & dad's life, so why not personalise the announcement? Birth prints & cushions are perfect. They act almost like a time capsule, capturing those details forever. the best part is, babies details are so precious when giving such a personalised gift chances are you'll make mum cry. Let's be real it's such an overwhelming & hormonal time.

5 reasons to buy personalised gifts

Featured royal crown personalised birth cushion.

Next time you're in need of a perfect present for your kids, or somebody else's considers a personalised handmade gift. Not only will it be unique, but the satisfaction knowing how much a child will love it, & the gratitude from the parent knowing you spent the time & effort outweighs everything.

I love to give a beautiful gift, especially one so personal & from the heart.

I would really love you to check out all of the personalised gift options for boys & girls here in my shop. Any questions always feel free to contact me.

Kylie :)

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