5 fantastic reasons to use personalised heat packs

WOW we are heading towards the end of July already, next week is August, which also means the following month is Father's Day. Whoa the year is going way to fast!

It's also heat pack time for me, lots of warm bundles leaving me in hope of soothing & comforting someone else. I am also days away from sharing all of my Father's Day heat packs. I can't wait to share with you.

I just ADORE heat packs they have so many fantastic uses, & it's not just because I make them. They really are like a big warm comforting hug.

I am not a doctor nor am I going to explain the text book therapeutic reasons for using them, but I am going to sing to the world the 5 main reasons why I love them & use them.

ONE - They are wonderful when you're feeling a little achy. Especially if you've slept the wrong way & your neck is a little stiff, warm it up, pop it on there & let the magic begin. They are brilliant to add warmth to the muscle & putting some essential mobility back there. I have used them on other muscles I have pulled from exercising also. It's brilliant what some warmth can do to muscles that are feeling very sorry for themselves.

personalised heat packs

TWO - I don't know about you, but I am one of those girls who always have cold feet in the winter. Always. Sometimes I worry about the circulation of my blood haha. But I can guarantee warming one of my rice filled heat packs until it's toasty, & laying them across your feet will warm those tootsies up in no time at all.   

THREE -  They are made with a natural product. I try to avoid any unnecessary toxins in my life, so by the using raw rice in the pack to warm me up, or use for achey muscles I know it is safe & works brilliantly. They are also warm for so long which is great in avoiding constant trips to the microwave. The lavender I use inside my heat packs is grown locally here in rural Victoria, so again I don't have to be concerned about not knowing where my ingredients come from.

FOUR - Heat packs are brilliant to take the chill off the bed. I used to use these quite a lot when my kids were newborn babies. After I had just fed them & they had fallen asleep in my arms, I always found they would stir from the warmth directly coming from me to their cot mattresses at times could be a little chilly especially in winter. So I started warming up one of my large heat packs up & popping it down where I would lay them for a few minutes before I put them to sleep. It helped that transition incredibly for me as there wasn't such a shift in temperature. Again these are great in your own bed, especially if you have cold feet. Just to clarify the heat pack was not in with the kids.

personalised heat packs

FIVE -  They are also brilliant to use in the opposite way, as a cold pack. When left in the freezer they work amazingly for bumps & bruises. I love how they become incredibly cold but the rice doesn't freeze like an ice block, the packs are still very pliable. Besides reducing swelling, they are great for reducing body temp, I have use them before for the kids when their temperatures where high. Laying them across their heads, & yours as well if need be. They are also great just to cool down & work brilliantly across the back of your neck in summer.

I know there are many more reasons as to why heat packs are so fantastic, but as I said I just wanted to share my favourite five. 

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Kylie x

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