4 SIMPLE steps to styling cushions for the kids bedroom

Hey lovelies 👋🏻 would you like to see a really EASY way to styling your kid's cushions? 

So many of us put pressure on ourselves to style the kid's bedrooms right down to how to place the cushions on their bed. There really is a super simple way & I am going to show you right here.

STEP #1 - Choose your hero piece.
Which is your favourite cushion that you want to be the hero?
The standout?
The cushion that is your absolute favourite.
Once you have selected that the rest is easy.
how to style cushions

STEP #2 - Choose coordinating colours.
If you’re afraid to mix wild colours together, choose colours that are already within your hero pieces.
It’s safe, less stressful & keeps the overall look tonal.
Choose colours that are few shades brighter.
Also add some neutrals in as well, like a white, cream, natural, grey tones & black.
More importantly, is a winning stress free safe formula.
how to style cushions

STEP #3 - Play with texture!!
Add some faux fur, maybe some plush velvet, cord, satin, something shiny, & sparkly like sequins if that's your style.
how to style cushions

STEP #4 - Try some different sizes & shapes.
Choose something larger & smaller than your hero piece.
Shapes are SO MUCH FUN!!
Choose some super cute animals, stars, circles, rectangles, triangles. The skies the limit.
Adding different sizes & shapes will make your choices interesting. Different sizes really can be so cool.

how to style cushions

Don’t get too hung up on what’s trending, take a look but just try to be yourself.
Add your own splash of style, & make everything uniquely yours.

how to style cushions

Enjoy 🤍 if you're to check out the cushions I have in-store, you can head here to take a look.

Kylie 😊

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