10 things you didn't know about me.

I have been working for myself now for a while & have made lots of new contacts & friends via social media. I know that you all know I love to illustrate, design kids decor, make keepsakes but I bet you didn't also know this about me.

10 things you didnt know about Kylie Loy
#1 I love the gym & my new passion is lifting weights. My goal is to tone these arms up & even one day see the muscles.

#2 I am a hopeless dieter :( I try so hard to eat clean, cut this out, don't eat that but my will power is zilch. It bugs me but my love of something sweet always wins, as well as a Gin & Lime Soda :) So I have learnt to just have less of it.

#3 I am an early bird & the thought of wasting my day in bed makes me really anxious...I know sad!

#5 I was married at 24....shock horror!! This blows some people's minds when I tell them.

#6 I am more of a sci-fi fan than I like to admit. Hello, marvel, DC comics, X-Men, star wars, teen wolf & I could go on.  

#7 I love pop music & top 40 music, but nothing beats 90's rock. I was & still am a HUGE Guns N Roses fan. I am also very lucky hubby won tickets to their Oz tour in February 2017.

#8 I am a self-taught artist. I was so determined to learn illustrator I convinced a graphic artist as my work to burn a copy for me. Once I got it the rest is history.

#9 I am quite a fan of gardening. But prefer to be out there in the sunshine.

#10 I have travelled to over 20 countries.

Eeeek I said 10, here's one more.
#11 I am very girly who is quite adamant about having her hair & nails done, waxing, I am obsessed with skin care & shopping is heavenly.

There you have it :)
Anything you're surprised by?
I am curious to know if there was something about me you didn't expect.

Kylie x


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