10 Reasons To Hang Art In Your Home

Hanging wall art at home in the bedrooms & babies nursery can really sum up your own personal style in so many ways. It brings in so much happiness & joy. Hanging art can on blank walls can transform your space, mood, add colour & bring in so much personality.

No matter what your style & taste all art can become such a beautiful focal point for the room. From typography style words to abstract shapes, sweet nursery illustrations & animal drawings, all will add charm & flair to your space. 

1. Expressing your own creative style
Whether you think you're or creative not, the pieces of art you hang in your home say a lot about you & what you love. We are naturally drawn to our own unique style whether it be simple in design, neon in colour, inspiration from outdoors, or dark & moody. Your style can also be created by how it makes you feel. You may be selecting art that inspires you, takes your breath away, makes you feel calm, or something that takes you back to your childhood. 

2. Creates memories & captures moments
Choosing to buy art that reminds you of a special holiday. Remember that beach holiday in France? The heat, hot pebbles, the stripey sunbeds & all the people. Wall art can capture those moments in our life that we want to be remembered. Buying wall art at a special time in your life creates that wonderful connection & memory of that moment in time.
Take birth art for the nursery. Capturing those precious newborn details of your baby. Have their date, time of birth, their weight, length & location recorded documented on personalised art that can be hung proudly on their wall. Those pieces can almost feel like an heirloom & can be kept forever.

australian animals personalised nursery birth print

3. Add colour to your world.
Colour is everything to me!! As an illustrator I know it's such a personal choice for everyone. Some of us prefer bold & vibrant colours, spots & stripes, some simpler & neutral, others may love dark & moody palette, while others prefer pretty pastels. Colour is what takes your breath away. Colour can inspire us, but it can also make us feel uncomfortable. It can make a room feel warm, cool, or just quirky & full of fun. So it's important to use colour to create the exact mood you want for a room. 

4. Wall art can add that finishing touch at home
We all have that spot or nook in our house that needs something there to finish it off.  That's where art really does come in handy. The beauty of wall art is that you really can have it any colour, design or size to fit that spot. Once you know what style you're looking for, pick a complimentary frame & hang it.

5. Wall art doesn't have to be framed
That's right wall art doesn't have to be framed. There are so many creative ways of hanging art including from clipboards, coat hangers, wireframes, with decorative washi tape, hung from pegs & so on. Make sure to check out my Pinterest board here, absolutely dedicated to interesting ways to hang wall art.

image recognition here

6. Wall art can be flexible 
Buying wall art is flexible as you can look for pieces in any size or colour you'd like. If you have a specific theme there will always be a design that will coordinate perfectly with it. Buy it in any size to be hung perfectly in that spot.

7. Wall art is affordable
It's affordable for any bodies budget. You don't need to buy original pieces that are expensive, you can purchase print replicas. There are plenty of illustrators & graphic designers that have art to sell from their online shops, street shops, galleries, & mass market chain stores. 
There are also printable instant download options. That is where you purchase the art as a file & print it yourself. You can also go to your local print store to have it printed for you.  This is not only affordable but is very flexible, as most good printable shops will have files in a high resolution so you can upsize files, as well as offering different print sizes to accommodate your needs.

8. Wall art can tickle your funny bone
Wall art doesn't have to be all beautiful illustrations, patterns or abstract shapes, but it can make you laugh. There is plenty of very impressive illustrated comic art around to make your smile. Wall art with funny objects & illustrative situations that don't need words. You see them on cards, well they are now entering our homes. Art that makes your laugh can be a perfect gift for someone who would instantly connect to this laughable moment in the past. Or an illustration showing off a cooking blunder, or someone who is a stinker in the toilet for example. The ideas & situations are endless.

bathroom stinker toilet printable art

9. Wall art can say so many words
Wall art with quotes, memes, & typography are a fantastic addition to the home. Hang wall art with beautifully inspired quotes, loving words for families, kids, babies, or how about some funny memes? Beautiful layouts of words that relate to one topic like cooking, or places you've visited while driving along on your coastal holiday. With the amount incredibly talented hand letterers out there, words can be a piece of art, written so beautifully & creatively, they really are a great wall art option.

10. The joy of collecting wall art
Collecting wall art can become a real sense of joy for us. Buy pieces of art through the moments of your life & hanging them within your home can really create a sense of happiness. Think about it it's not only beautiful to look at, but the actual joy, memories & remembering those moments will really fill your home & heart with joy. Collecting art really is like a road map. Looking at the first piece you bought, the second, third & so on. Memories and moments all around you.

I don't need to convince you any more about why I think you need to hang wall art in your home. But to get you started I would love to give you a code to take 10% off your first printable wall art purchase in my shop.


Enjoys Kylie x

10 reasons why you should hang wall art in your home and get 10% off your first order


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