Print these super cute milestone cards of sweet baby animals in under 5 minutes. They're such a beautiful way to document your babies development with precious photos capturing moments in time.

The first 12 months with your baby can pass so quickly. It can feel like one moment you're cuddling them all day, staring into their eyes for hours, then suddenly you're seeing their first smiles, and before you know it first steps.

As time seems to fly by, capturing these milestones with monthly photos using milestone cards becomes an invaluable way to freeze time and create lasting memories. They are those little details can almost feel like you're freezing time for a moment. 

free printable baby milestone cards

Milestone cards provide such a beautiful element of creativity and storytelling of your babies first 12 months. These super cute milestone cards will allow you to capture each month with a perfect photo of your baby, plus you can document any other details like their growth, personality, even their interests at each stage. Use your photos to compile an album or share on social media, allowing you to tell a visual story that will be love by both family and friends.

The journey of parenthood is an incredible adventure that deserves to be cherished and shared. By capturing gorgeous monthly milestone photos, it's almost like you are creating a timeless keepsake that you and your child can treasure for years to come. Imagine sitting down with your grown-up child, flipping through the pages of a photo album, and reliving those precious moments together. These captured memories become a legacy, fostering a deep connection between generations.

Print these FREE milestones cards here.
You will receive 15 milestone cards that are all 5x7", you will be able to print 2 per page easily.
So easy to use, pop them beside your baby while sleeping when they are still small.
As they grow and can hold things give one to them, but be quick!!

Your two bonus cards will allow to to capture really important dates.
There is a birth stat card to document those really important details.
Then there is a special details like your documenting the first smile, when they first crawled, what were their first foods, first food, first tooth and when they took their first step.

Save these. card as a precious keepsakes and smile every time you look at them again, and your hearts feels like it's bursting with love.

Download here
Kylie 😊