Grandma's Garden: A Personalised Gift From Your Favourite People

Our Grandma's Garden collection, is inspired by the monthly birth flowers of children and grandchildren, creating cherished keepsakes, from pillows, wall art, mugs, totes, and blankets, Grandma's Garden brings a touch of love, warmth and personalisation to every corner of your home.

Each monthly birth flowers is a symbol of love for Grandma.
The Grandma's Garden, is all about celebrating the unique beauty of each child and grandchild. Our design incorporates the monthly birth flower associated with each loved one, ensuring that the essence of their birth month is captured in a timeless and meaningful way. From the white January snow drop, to the bright and sunny cosmos of October, every flower tells a story and adds a personal touch to your chosen item.

Grandmas Garden Birth Flower Personalised Cushion

Personalised gifts are the most thoughtful.
Nothing says "I love you" more than a personalised gift, and Grandma's Garden takes it to the next level. Each design allows you to include the names of your children and grandchildren, making every item a unique reflection of your family tree. Personalise with her very own unique name, if it's no Grandma thats OK, just let us know and we will customise it for you. Whether it's a pillow with the names of your grandchildren, a tote bag featuring your children's names, or a cozy blanket that wraps your family in warmth, the personal touch elevates these items from ordinary to extraordinary. 

Grandmas Garden Birth Flower Personalised Mug

A product for any corner of your home.
Grandma's Garden understands that everyone has their favourite way to enjoy the comforts of home. That's why our design can be printed on a variety of items, from pillows that adorn your living room to wall art that adds a touch of elegance, mugs that bring warmth to your mornings, totes that carry memories wherever you go, and blankets that wrap your loved ones in a cozy embrace. The versatility of Grandma's Garden ensures that there's a perfect spot for these personalised treasures in every corner of your home.

Grandmas Garden Birth Flower Personalised Wall Art Print

Quality materials for lasting comfort.
We believe that a truly thoughtful gift should stand the test of time. That's why in the  Grandma's Garden collection only high-quality materials are used to ensure that your personalised items are not only visually stunning but also durable. Our pillows are plump and soft, our mugs are sturdy and dishwasher-safe, our totes are made to carry memories for years, and our blankets are crafted for warmth and comfort.

Grandmas Garden Birth Flower Personalised Blanket

More than a gift. 
It's a daily reminder of how loved you are. Our Grandma's Garden collection are not just decorations, they are daily reminders of the love that surrounds you. Each time you see the personalised names and birth flowers, you'll be reminded of moments of joy, laughter, and the unique bond you share with your children and grandchildren. These items make for thoughtful gifts on birthdays, holidays, or just because, creating a lasting connection between generations.

Grandmas Garden Birth Flower Personalised Tote Bag

We hope you embrace the warmth and beauty of Grandma's Garden today.
Come and explore our collection and make your home a haven of beautiful memories. I'd love you to check out our Grandma's Garden collection right here.